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Victory Church offers weekly ministry on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  As a general practice, Friday services, Monday services and Prophetic Training classes are cancelled for major holiday weekends. 

We also offer fellowship opportunities through our various groups in the church. Feel free to connect and serve through any of our available groups.


Meeting Place:    Classroom/ Zoom

Date:                    Sunday

Time:                   9:30 am -10:30 am


Sunday afternoon before church, one of the Victory Church prophets hosts a prophetic training class that activates participants in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. During this class, participants will be provided opportunity to be taught how to use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and will have opportunity to ask questions and talk with someone who has been used in the Gifts during ministry.


Teaching is provided on the gifts with emphasis on the Gift of the Prophecy.  A combination of lecture and experiential learning is employed to teach, guide and instruct the participants.


Everyone is welcome, all classes are free.


Meeting ID: 898 1811 3377

Passcode: 3846


Childcare is not provided.

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Meeting Place:  Dial-In

Date:                 Tuesday

Time:                 7:30-9:30pm


Victory Church meets every Tuesday night at 7:30pm for a special time of corporate prayer.  Jesus said that his house would be called a house of prayer (Matthew 21:13).  We welcome anyone who is willing to join with us in prayer as we lift up prayer requests for individuals, family, the nation and the world.

Dial-In: 716-427-1083   

Passcode: 221090

Childcare is not provided.

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Meeting Place:   Sanctuary/ YouTube/Facebook

Date:                   Friday

Time:                   7:30pm


You are welcome to attend the Victory Church School of Holy Spirit.  Whether you are just beginning in the prophetic or a seasoned saint, the Friday night School of the Holy Spirit provides the opportunity to be trained and exercised in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The Friday night School sessions are taught by Apostle/Prophets Jeff & Linda Herbert who are ordained by Christian International.  They are fully certified by CI to raise and train using the Manual for Ministering Spiritual Gifts and the Apostolic Prophetic Training series.  Everyone who is willing will have the opportunity to pray for others during the activation times and will be used in their gifts.


All sessions are free. Everyone is welcome.


Childcare is not provided.

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Ministry Training Square.jpg

Meeting Place:   In-Person and Zoom

Date:                   Monday

Time:                   7:30pm EST


These classes will be for supporting spiritual growth and development


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